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Whelping date:

June 19, 2023

2 females, 5 males

My goal with this breeding was to replicate Panther's speed and effortless gait on the trail, while fixing her flaws - her small size and her minor reactivity. Brooks is a dog I have admired for years, with his solid bone structure, immense size, and quiet confidence, so when Compass was too sweet to get the job done, Brooks was a more than excellent plan B. Panther has a very sweet temperament, a bit shy but once she gets to know you, she becomes very clingy and loves to give your face baths. Brooks comes from Criss Cross Racing, and he has been a stand-out leader for Julia, leading with confidence across wide open lakes and whiteout blizzards. Not to mention he is the strongest sled dog I have ever met - he knocks me over anytime I try to lead him anywhere on leash. He is a bit shy, but stable and confident as long as his human is around.



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