Dogs may be available for rehoming for a number of reasons - puppies (I can't keep them all if I want to keep my kennel at a manageable size!), younger dogs who decide they aren't into running, race age dogs who do not fit with my race program, or retirees who seem like they would be happier in a different home. Not all retirees are rehomed - many stick around here happily - but some dogs prefer a quieter home for their golden years. Other retirees get intensely sad or upset that they cannot run with the race team anymore, and need a home where they can get away from watching the team take off every other day. Rehoming is always done with the dog's best interest in mind, not mine.


Homes will be screened carefully to ensure a proper fit and all future dog owners will be required to sign a contract to ensure the dog's future. You can read the contract here. Dogs are never in a hurry to leave my property and I will wait until the right home comes along - and if it never does, the dogs will live the rest of their life out happily with me instead. If the new owner decides the dog is not a right fit, the dog is always welcome to come back to my kennel, even if it is years later. If a dog I have sold somehow slips through the cracks and ends up somewhere unwanted or in a shelter, I will automatically buy the dog back, please contact me.



Read Radar's bio here

Praline x Copper

3 years old, spayed female

Looking for sport, pet, or recreational mushing home


Radar is an extremely sweet, cuddly, 35lb teddy bear that will melt into your arms. She loves playing like a puppy and clicker training and any kind of mental stimulation where she can please her handler. Radar loves doing dog sports - her high prey drive means she loves FCAT and CAT and already has a few titles in those, but she would also probably enjoy rally, obedience, and agility - she is a sport dog at heart. As far as mushing, Radar is a decent leader and will hold the gangline at hookup, but sometimes the pressure of leading is too much for her and she may prefer to be in the team. She knows her turn commands but will not shoulder or pull a partner into a turn. Radar is in-house potty trained, crate trained, and tether trained. She has a touch of same sex aggression and would do best in a home with no dominant, strong, or pushy females. She gets along great with boy dogs and soft, calm, or submissive female dogs. Because of her high prey drive, homes with cats or dogs under 25lbs are not recommended, though I am always happy to do a trial period to see how she reacts to smaller animals. Radar MUST live inside a home, not outside - she has made it clear that she does not enjoy the outside life like my other dogs.

Why am I selling Radar? She is not all that interested in running - she likes mushing every now and then, but not nearly as many days or as fast as I like to mush to be competitive. As my speed, distance, team, and goals grew, Radar couldn't keep up. She prefers 7-8mph speeds and doesn't mind going distances as long as she can go at that more leisurely pace. Radar still enjoys mushing as long as it is in moderation, and she is a fantastic bikejor/skijor dog (solo or 2-dog) where she can control her speed and there isn't the pressure of a bunch of other dogs. (Additionally, she needs a new home because she isn't happy living outside, and she can't come inside because she has been picking fights with one of my indoor dogs - she has a more dominant nature that Radar doesn't like.) If Radar goes to a recreational mushing home instead of a sport or pet home, they MUST listen to when Radar does and doesn't want to run, and not go faster than she prefers to go. Contact me if interested or need more details.



Read Venture's bio here

Ghost x Rocky

2 years old, intact male

Looking for active mushing home


Venture is an impossibly sweet yet driven dog. He is a tall and leggy 50lbs and adores his handler to bits. He is a fantastic sled dog in harness, I have never seen his tug go slack and he is always ready to go. He does pace instead of trot, but this has never seemed to inhibit his ability or cause any injury or soreness. He is a phenomenal eater and will eat every crumb of anything you put in front of him with gusto, though he requires more food as he is a bit of a hard keeper. (Neutering would probably improve this issue.) Venture has had a couple runs in lead - the first run he did fantastic, the second run he was great for 5 miles then got distracted and wasn't pulling as hard - but to be fair, he was running next to a girl in standing heat. I think with some maturity he would lead just fine, though not sure how he would do on turn commands as I haven't tried those with him. He is a bit shy at first but once he trusts you, he will ask for hugs and pets and roll over for belly rubs when clipping his nails. He gets along great with all female dogs, and fine with most male dogs - he won't tolerate any boys that posture or are jerks in any way. I don't recommend running him next to boys because he gets really intense at hookup; if you needed to put a boy next to him partway through a run when everyone is more tired it would probably be fine. He chews necklines, ganglines, whatever he can get his mouth on if you're stopped for too long or take too long to hook up. He doesn't chew his harness though, so I always hook him up last and don't have many issues. He is a bit reactive and will bark when he sees other dogs playing across the yard or in a pen over, but as long as things are calm he is happy to chill and sleep most of the day. If you wanted to keep Venture inside, he has foundations on crate training and potty training from before I had a proper dog yard. He has a lot of energy and will need regular year-round exercise and enrichment to keep him non-destructive if you choose to make him a house dog. As a note, his pedigree is phenomenal - both parents are Iditarod finishers and his mom, Ghost, is one of Ryan Redington's leaders with multiple Iditarod (among other race) finishes.

Why am I rehoming Venture? As you may know, one of my other dogs, Flounder, suffered severe injury during a dog fight earlier this season during a training run. Venture is the one who started this fight. At the beginning of a run, he is very intense and one wrong look from Flounder - another male - made Venture latch on. When Venture fights, he fights to kill and doesn't try to de-escalate. Because of the trauma both Flounder and I suffered, and Venture's ongoing grudge with another posture-y male dog in my kennel, I no longer trust Venture on a team with any other male dogs, even though I love his sweet temperament so much. I state these facts not to deter future buyers, but because I want you to be aware of his history. During this fight I was not injured at all - Venture had zero interest in biting me and has no bite history with humans.


Contact me if interested or need more details.