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Dogs may be available for rehoming for a number of reasons - puppies (I can't keep them all if I want to keep my kennel at a manageable size!), younger dogs who decide they aren't into running, race age dogs who do not fit with my race program, or retirees who seem like they would be happier in a different home. Not all retirees are rehomed - many stick around here happily - but some dogs prefer a quieter home for their golden years. Other retirees get intensely sad or upset that they cannot run with the race team anymore, and need a home where they can get away from watching the team take off every other day. Rehoming is always done with the dog's best interest in mind, not mine.


Homes will be screened carefully to ensure a proper fit and all future dog owners will be required to sign a contract to ensure the dog's future. You can read the contract here. Dogs are never in a hurry to leave my property and I will wait until the right home comes along - and if it never does, the dogs will live the rest of their life out happily with me instead. If the new owner decides the dog is not a right fit, the dog is always welcome to come back to my kennel, even if it is years later. If a dog I have sold somehow slips through the cracks and ends up somewhere unwanted or in a shelter, I will automatically buy the dog back, please contact me.

No dogs currently available.

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