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Money from sponsorships goes directly to the kennel. While I will never own a number of dogs that I could not support on my own, sponsorships allow me to do extra things for the dogs, like buy more toys and treats, enter more races, and upgrade equipment. Sponsor money also goes directly to things like dog food, veterinary care, dewormers, booties, harnesses, lines, and so much more - the list of costs for running a racing kennel is endless - and eases the financial burden of owning a racing kennel.

Sponsor a dog: Dog sponsorships are handled through my Patreon! Dog sponsorships cost $3/mo and sponsors receive extra photos and updates of their sponsored pup, as well as getting their name listed on their sponsored dog's page. Please sign up there to sponsor an individual (or multiple) dogs.

Sponsor the kennel: Kennel sponsorships are a one time payment of $100 to sponsor the entire kennel for one season. Each season refreshes on August 1. Kennel sponsors receive their name; or business and logo with a hyperlink to their website; listed on the front page of my website. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a kennel sponsor.

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