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Running a racing kennel and giving these dogs the best lives that they can gets expensive! Food cost goes up as the dogs burn more calories in training, as well as additional supplements and training snacks to make sure the dogs are getting all the nutrients they need to be in tip top shape. During peak training season, we go through one 40lb bag of food every two weeks. We wear through dozens of booties every season, need to replace harnesses and necklines and snaps as they get worn out. Vet care and salves for injuries and sore muscles add up fast too! Not even mentioning race entry fees, gas cost for my car to get to the races, and hotel and other travel costs associated with racing.

While I will never own a number of dogs I cannot support and feed on my own, the sport itself is expensive, and every penny from our sponsors goes towards keeping these dogs fit, happy, and enjoying new experiences on new race trails. Money from our sponsors is deeply appreciated!

If you are interested in sponsoring the kennel as a whole or having your business featured on our website, please contact me.

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