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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: October 2015

Sex: Male, neutered

Team position: Wheel

Dam: Reba

Sire: Fish

Breeder: James Wheeler

Health testing: AHE clear, clear of over 270 diseases with Embark

Flounder is a sweet, sensitive dog. He is a bit shy at first but once you get to know him, it develops into a reserved happiness. Flounder is really soft in personality and loves quiet moments with soft pets. He is very quiet at hookup, not liking the chaos, but once the hook is pulled, Flounder is an absolute powerhouse in harness. I rarely see him trot, he pushes to lope no matter what speed or mileage. Flounder prefers being towards the back of the team in wheel, but he can step up and lead if needed, even if it isn't his favorite position. He has become best friends with Panther, the only dog he will solicit play with - everyone else he just ignores and just enjoys roaming around the yard during free play time.

Flounder came from Meredith Mapes at six years old, bringing some much needed experience to my mostly young team. He has a ton of race experience while on her team:

2017 Knik 200 - 26th place

2017 Northern Lights 300 - dropped in Yentna (return)(sore wrists)

2017 Junior Iditarod

2017 Alaska Excursions 120 - 8th place

2018 Knik 100 - 6th place

2018 Iditarod - 49th place

2018 Freddie's Midnight Run - 4th place

2019 Jr Willow 100 - 9th place

2019 Jr Iditarod - 8th place

2020 Iditarod - returned in Rainy Pass

2021 Ididntrod - 13th place

In early 2022, Flounder was severely injured in a dog fight during a training run. Friends, family, and supporters of our kennel on Twitter raised enough money to completely cover Flounder's nearly 2 week hospitalization and multiple surgeries. Thanks to the incredible care of the veterinary hospital at University of Minnesota, Flounder was able to not only keep his life, but his leg, too. At this time it is unclear whether he will be able to re-join the race team in fall, but his recovery so far has been nothing short of miraculous.


Permanently sponsored by my friends, family, and #mushertwitter #uglydogs who raised money to completely cover Flounder's medical costs after the incident in early 2022.

Benjamin Miller


Ryan White

Race History

2022-2023 season

Minocqua "Almost" Winter Dryland, 2 dog bike pro, last

Doty's Dusty Dog Dryland, 4 dog rig pro, 5th

Beargrease 40, 6th

Northern Pines Sled Dog Race, Mid-Distance, 20th

CopperDog 30, 12th

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