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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: April 9, 2020

Sex: Female, intact

Team position: Leader in training

Dam: Lucy

Sire: Xander

Breeder: Bucky Tippett

Health testing: AHE clear, Brucellosis negative May 2022, OFA hip "Good" 2022

Offspring: Women Mushers

Panther is a little pocket rocket - she is a tiny little thing but has more than enough spirit and drive! She is very cautious of new people at first, but once you've earned her trust, she begs for many many pets and gives the best hugs with her tiny little body. Panther leans into me with her whole being and prefers to be near at all times, even during free play. She adores all the other dogs in the yard and wants nothing more than to play and be best friends with them, but she has a big bark when she spots interloping deer beyond the fence. Panther has the most beautiful, effortless stride of any of my dogs, and looks almost like she is floating when she trots and lopes down the trail.


Rue S.

Ryan White

Race History

2021-2022 season

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 4-6 dog sportsman (16mi), 9th place

CopperDog 25 (15mi), 14th place

2022-2023 season

Doty's Dusty Dog Dryland, 4 dog rig pro, 5th

Twin Cities Dog Powered Sports Dryland, 2 dog bike pro, 5th

Beargrease 40, 6th

Northern Pines Sled Dog Race, Mid-Distance, 20th

CopperDog 30, 12th

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