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Breed: 75% Alaskan Husky, 25% Siberian Husky

Birthdate: August 1, 2018

Sex: Female, spayed

Team position: Leader, team

Dam: Praline

Sire: Copper

Breeder: Jaye Foucher

Health testing: AHE clear, clear of over 270 diseases with Embark

Radar is my fun size husky, at 33 lbs. Extremely submissive but still outgoing and playful temperament. The result is an energetic young dog who yearns to play with other dogs but will back off and give calming signals at the first sign of trouble. She is very good at getting along with other dogs and de-escalating things before they become a fight. Picky eater and harder keeper, but whip smart and clever. Fantastic upcoming command leader, bangs into harness and extremely confident. She is great at holding the line out, and likes to look back and check on me during runs. Loves to cuddle and be held and runs to my feet for safety. She must be touching some part of my body at all times; and her favorite lounging spot is on top of me or another dog.

Race History

Mystic Lake Dryland 2019 3-dog rig, 7th place

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2020 4 dog sportsman (16mi), 5th place

Tug Hill Challenge 2020 2 dog sled (1.7mi), 3rd place

Fort Custer Fall Dryland 2020 2 dog rig, 1st place; 1 dog bike, 7th place

Trailbreakers Lodi, Ohio Dryland Challenge 2020 4 dog rig, 5th place

Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair fun run, 4 dog rig, 8th place

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2022 4-6 dog sportsman (16mi), 9th place

CopperDog 25 2022 (15mi), 14th place

AKC Events and Titles
Flight Risk's Radarange BCAT CAA

Radar is registered under American Kennel Club's Canine Partners program to be able to compete in events. Radar really enjoys chasing the lure for CAT (Coursing Ability Test) and FCAT (Fast Coursing Ability Test) - she is a very sporty dog and loves the energy at these events! You can learn more about the coursing events here.


Flight Risk's Radarange achieved her CA title in CAT on September 20, 2020.


Flight Risk's Radarange achieved her CAA title in CAT on May 23, 2021.



Flight Risk's Radarange achieved her BCAT title in FCAT on June 5, 2021.

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