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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: 2012

Sex: Female

Team position: Leader

Dam: Enzo

Sire: Clark

Breeder: Ed Stielstra

Sage is the sweetest, most wholesome old girl around. She is extremely snuggly and cuddly - she spoons my legs every night and I can never go to the bathroom without her rubbing up against my legs like a cat, demanding pets. She loves to press her head into my body, rubbing back and forth until I scratch her behind the ears. She is content to spend most of the day moving from one dog bed to the next, but as soon as food enters the equation, you KNOW Sage is going to be right there. She lifts her paws up in a "shake" and "sit pretty" to beg and it's irresistible.


Sage taught me and my kennel everything. Sage belonged to the person who first got me into mushing, and she took me on my first ever bikejor. Once I got Ziggy a year later, I would borrow Sage and my friend's other alaskan huskies several times a week to bikejor with them, hooking them up next to Ziggy since Zig didn't know how to lead. Most of the time, I borrowed Sage, and she taught Ziggy how to lead, how to pass, how to turn, how to line out and enjoy the thrill of running. I even borrowed Sage and brought her and Ziggy to one of my first dryland races.

In the 2019-20 season, I leased Sage from that friend for the season so I could have a 4 dog team for my first sled race, Tahquamenon.

In late 2021, Sage once again joined my kennel to spend some time on my new property in Wisconsin. I love this sweet girl dearly and it is a joy having her around.

Race History

Fort Custer Dryland Race 2017

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2020 4 dog sportsman (16mi), 5th place (leader)

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