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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: April 21, 2018

Sex: Male, neutered

Team position: Leader

Dam: Clash

Sire: Gomer

Breeder: Chad, Erin, and Martha Schouweiler

Tupac came to my kennel as a 3 year old leader, bringing some much-needed experience to a young team. This dog always seems to be in a good mood, jumping on his house for pets and cuddles. He isn't afraid to use his loud voice to complain when another dog is getting more attention than him! Tupac lives life at 110%, coming in for maximum cuddles and being a driving force on the team, charging up hills and driving past other teams with a big smile. He is intense in all things - playtime, running, and handler attention. Even though he appears quite goofy on the outside, there is a calm intelligence inside, paired with a soft and sensitive personality. I often see him in quiet contemplation, watching the other dogs or looking around the property. Tupac is the team's biggest cheerleader, barking the loudest at hookup and loudly barking complaints when he deems the team to be going too slow.


Kelly Dyer


Ryan White

Race History

2021-2022 season

CopperDog 25 (15mi), 14th place

2022-2023 season

Minocqua "Almost" Winter Dryland, 4 dog rig pro, scratched day 2

Doty's Dusty Dog Dryland, 2 dog bike pro, last

Twin Cities Dog Powered Sports Dryland, 2 dog bike pro, 5th

Beargrease 40, 6th

Northern Pines Sled Dog Race, Mid-Distance, 20th

CopperDog 30, 12th

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