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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: July 10, 2011

Sex: Female, spayed

Team position: Leader, swing

Dam: Tak

Sire: Yeti

Ziggy is an intelligent girl, quick to pick things up and eager to please her handler. She was my first dog and will always have a special place in my heart. Shy and anxious to a fault, has separation anxiety and littermate syndrome from breeder and previous owner. Knows gee/haw commands and is a wonderful lead single or double. She is a great swing/team dog and that is where she is happiest. Decent feet, occasionally gets splits/tears. Fantastic food drive and extremely easy keeper. Easiest going (yet sassy) temperament I've ever seen, she is basically a living pillow and gets along with any dog she meets. She could teach a class on being comfortable in uncomfortable looking spots and positions, and is a master of the resting bitch face. In February 2020, Ziggy started experiencing pain in her lower back due to a bulging disc. With a lot of chiro and vet care, she is back to enjoying a pain-free life, but she is permanently retired from mushing (other than slow, short fun runs) due to her injury.


Brigette M.


Karen C.

Megan S.

Ryan White

Race History

Fort Custer Dryland Race 2017

Trailbreakers Sled Dog Club Ohio Dryland Challenge 2017

Mystic Lake Dryland 2019 3-dog rig (single leader) 7th place, 2-dog bike 2nd place

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2020 4 dog sportsman (16mi), 5th place (leader)

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