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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: August 2016

Sex: Female, spayed

Team position: Leader

Dam: Noorvik

Sire: Battleship

Breeder: Ryan Redington

Health testing: AHE clear; clear of over 270 diseases with Embark; OFA hip evaluation "GOOD" in 2021

Offspring: The "Baker"y litter

Legend is my soul pup. I have never experienced a bond as deep as I have with her. Big bones, long back, beautiful loping stride. Great eater. Fantastic trail leader, good at picking out stable footing; and decent at taking turn commands - she has improved greatly in this area during the 2022 season, excited to see how she does in 2023! She is my everything, my invaluable leader that is reliable no matter what lies on the trail ahead. Very smart at picking up new commands and approaches new challenges in harness and in clicker training with enthusiasm. Incredible, hardy feet. Legend is incredible in harness and pulls harder than all my other dogs, including boys, and never seems to tire. Easy going but still playful temperament, she can be shy around new people, but becomes confident as soon as she is in harness. An excellent cuddler - we start most mornings with an extensive cuddle session in bed.



Megan S.


Ryan White

Race History

Mystic Lake Dryland 2019 2 dog bike, 2nd place

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2020 4 dog sportsman (16mi), 5th place

Tug Hill Challenge 2020 2 dog sled (1.7mi), 3rd place

Fort Custer Fall Dryland 2020 2 dog rig, 1st place; 2 dog bike, 3rd place

Trailbreakers Lodi, Ohio Dryland Challenge 2020 4 dog rig, 5th place; 2 dog bike, 8th place

Northern New England Sled Dog Trade Fair fun run, 4 dog rig, 8th place

Tahquamenon Country Sled Dog Race 2022 4-6 dog sportsman (16mi), 9th place

CopperDog 25 2022 (15mi), 14th place