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Breed: Alaskan Husky

Birthdate: August 4, 2021

Sex: Female, intact

Team position: Leader-in-training

Dam: Legend

Sire: Baker

Breeder: Melissa Mendelson

Health testing: AHE clear by parentage

Littermates: The "Baker"y litter

Loaf is a big mamma's girl - both with her actual mamma Legend, and with me, her handler. She loves to cuddle and spend quiet time near me, but this doesn't stop her from playing and exploring new challenges. Loaf is the perfect balance of aloof and curious. She is a true "mini-me" of Legend in both looks and temperament. She is sweet as could be and loves cuddling with her mom on the dog beds. Loaf is easily the sweetest, happiest dog in the kennel - she wants to make friends with all the dogs around her and will roll into a submissive position at the first sight of trouble, the ultimate peacemaker. Even with this submissive attitude, she loves zooming around the yard and playing with her pack-mates, giant tongue lolling out of her huge grin.


Megan S.


Ryan White


Race History

2022-2023 season

Minocqua "Almost" Winter Dryland, 4 dog rig pro, scratched day 2

Doty's Dusty Dog Dryland, 4 dog rig pro, 5th

Twin Cities Dog Powered Sports Dryland, 4 dog rig pro, 1st

Beargrease 40, 6th

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